How Digital Nomads Can Manage Clients and Frequent Travel

Whether you consider yourself a digital nomad or simply location independent, building your business can be challenging if your time zone tends to change regularly. Clients require consistency in both your availability and the quality of work. Further, work-life balance challenges can impact your business when you constantly travel and explore.

However, you can overcome these challenges with a little planning and the right business tactics.
Know When to Outsource
You can’t do everything, but many business owners will try to. Traveling to some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet means very little if you spend the entire time holed up in the corner of a local cafe working. The solution to be able to win back some of your free time while running a business on the road is to outsource. An answering service provides an outsourced solution that nearly any type of business can benefit from.
Message services: Working on the opposite side of the globe from some of your key clients can be a challenge, sometimes it leads to middle-of-the-night phone calls. A message service can work the 9-to-5 schedule in your client’s time zone and allow you to keep to the local time zone.
Order entry: You don’t want to be tied to your cell phone or keyboard 24/7. The good news is that you can work with the answering service to develop personalized scripts for order taking, which will effectively provide you with your own sales force.
Customer service and support: Happy customers are return customers. Being able to answer questions or fix a problem on your client’s time table will build your reputation.
Depending on the specifics of your business, you can benefit from one or more of these services. Just make sure the service has actual human operators that only require a button push or two to reach.
Stick to a Schedule
Balancing your work and your life, particularly when travel and exploration are key components of that life, is challenging. It is all too easy to fall into the 24/7 work trap. It’s equally simple to go the opposite way and spend all your time on the beach instead of handling client concerns. A schedule is the answer.
Consistency: The best schedule needs consistency. When developing your schedule, try to time the start
of your day so it overlaps with the working hours of the majority of your clients.
Availability: Use the time that overlaps with your client’s business hours to check in with your answering service and return calls to those clients that require personal attention. The rest of your work hours can then focus on production and solitary tasks.
Routine: A schedule not only provides your clients with consistency, it also provides you with a routine. This increases productivity while helping to prevent burnout.
Your clients will be grateful for the consistency since the inability to reach a human with their concerns can result in lost business. You will also be secure in the knowledge that you are balancing work and life as productively as possible.
Take Breaks
The stress of constant location changes can take a toll on both you and your business. Learning about a new city (or country) and getting in sync with local customs can take some time. Properly integrating breaks into your working life can help.
Time off: Try to time location changes with your normal days off. This way you can take a few days to adjust to your new location without any impact on your clients. Self-employed people have a tendency to skip days off, but this isn’t a mistake you want to make.
Lighter work load: Of course, you may not always be able to time your arrival suitably. In this case, a lighter work load is the answer. For the first day or two, shorten your work hours. One option is to only check in with the answering service and handle client callbacks.
Stay put: Reducing how often you switch locations can also lead to less stress, more overall happiness, and more productive work. Instead of globe-trotting every few weeks, slow your schedule so you only switch things up every few months.
Contact us at Professional Answering Service to learn more about how an answering service can benefit your business when you are constantly on the move.
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