Are You an Overworked Landlord? An Answering Service Can Help

As a landlord acquires more and more units, their profits increase — but so does their workload. Do you find yourself on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? After all, emergencies happen at any time. But you’re also at the mercy of problem tenants and non-urgent business matters.

If this describes your situation, it may be time to hire some professional help. What kind of help? A live answering service. Here are a few ways this simple service can make a big difference.

1. Professionals Handle Communications

Managing a dramatic or angry tenant requires good communication skills and a professional demeanor. And the best way to get those is to hire professionals who are trained to deal with the public in a business-like manner. An answering service helps reduce the potential for angry conflicts by responding to the tenant’s needs quickly and efficiently through an objective and experienced third party.

2. You Can Turn Over the Phones

Do you give out your cellphone number to tenants, but then find yourself tethered to it? Are you afraid to miss a call in case it’s a real emergency, such as a burst pipe or an intruder? Then you definitely need to share the load with an answering service. Set up regular business hours and inform tenants of these. Then, turn over the phones to others during evenings or weekends, knowing you will receive the notifications you need.

3. Tenants Feel Looked After

No one wants to hear an automated voicemail response when they call their landlord. But you can’t be at your tenants’ beck and call all the time either. Make them feel that you are responsive, interested, and involved by having a live person answer the phone no matter when they call. Landlords who establish a good rapport with tenants usually have less turnover and attract higher quality renters.

4. Your Business Appears Professional

Do you run a tiny operation, perhaps out of your basement and a pickup truck? An answering service is a simple way to build up a professional business no matter how few people you have to assist you.

The trained staff who will answer your calls appear to be a normal part of your business — meaning most vendors and tenants will assume you to be a large and professional organization they can trust. And with flat rates or per-call charges, hiring a service is often much more budget-friendly than hiring your own employees to do the same functions.

5. Calls Are Routed As You Request

One major difference between a live answering service and voicemail is in the ability for staff to route calls as you want them routed. Voicemail can only accept a message and give you a notification. When a person answers the phone, though, they can determine if there is an emergency and take immediate actions to protect your business.

If the person answering finds the call to be non-urgent business, they may route it to your email, send a text, notify you during business hours, or forward the message to a third party. You set up these parameters with the service, so you control where messages go. Your service may even be able to fill out forms based on the call that you can process without another phone call.
Which of these benefits could help you as a landlord? Whether you need some time away from the phones, a professional response to your tenants, or help sending calls to the right people, an answering service might be just what you’re looking for.
At Professional Answering Service, our dedicated and trained staff will help you achieve your business goals while still having an off-duty life. Call today to learn more.
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