Service Industry

“40 years of experience in scripting and dispatching has made our answering service the right one for your business. “


We have been serving the service industry since our inception 40 years ago.  The service industry is a broad term, and can include, but is not limited to, plumbers, electricians, heating & air conditioning repairmen, construction companies, public utilities such as water and power departments, public works, municipalities and the list goes on.

The basic concern here is to get calls after hours. Paying for someone to handle your front office calls and clerical work during normal business hours is at times an expected expense. If you calculate the cost of having someone man your phones on a 24 hour a day 7 day a week schedule, that cost can be astronomical.


We offer an affordable solution that allows you to get those after hours’ emergency calls at a fraction of the cost.  Then we look at the next step, which will be who do we get the call to and how do we do it.  We work closely with our clients to establish the emergency criteria and dispatch protocols.


We then look at the on call schedule itself and make sure it translates well for the operator.  Whether they have to dispatch by time frame, specialty or area, we want them to be able to quickly and easily get the call to the right person at the right time.

When we look at public utilities the same factors apply, but we also offer call overflow services.   If an outage occurs, is your facility prepared to handle hundreds or thousands of calls that could come in within a short period of time?

Our call center is, we have agreements with many public utilities to assist them when they have outages.

Not only can we get the overflow calls for them, but our operators are able to get the information from the caller that they need and relay information to them about the outage.