Medical Answering Services

Doctors, Dentists, Physicians and Medical Professionals have benefited From Our Advanced Scripting Methods.

Most of our new medical clients are moved to inquire about our services because they are either receiving poor service currently, or their bills have gone up but their call volume has stayed the same.

Regardless of which reason prompted the call, their first question is most often going to be “How much do you charge?” Then is it per call or per minute, and how long does it take to answer my calls? Then we get into the reliability of the service. There is also the start up cost of the service, and the length of terms for the service agreement.

For our medical clients, we like to make the start up cost as affordable as possible. We know normally, they are in transition so we try to waive last month deposits and setup fees for them. We also offer a month to month service agreement.

The requirement for cancellation is only 30 days written notice. We are not concerned with locking a client into a long term agreement, but rather with getting them on service and providing them with excellent service. We know if we can accomplish this, we will have a long term client. The month to month agreement also allows some flexibility for our clients, if they start with a 200 minute package, but find that they are consistently going over their allotment, they can give us a call and we will provide them with some options for new rate plans and we will also audit their service to see if there are any areas where we can improve efficiency.

We provide these services because we want our clients to be happy too. With that said, another concern that is not widely known about is the fact that some services bill on a 4 week billing cycle.

They do this so that they get an extra invoice in every year. We bill based on the calendar month. Another area of concern, and the most important one, is how are we going to get the call to the doctor?

We work hard to set up the dispatch instructions in a way that works best for each individual. We fully customize the instructions for each office and for each doctor. This means that whether you have one doctor on call, or 20, we will be able to reach each one in the manner that suits them best. Another concern sometimes brought up is whether we outsource our calls, and the answer to that is that we do not. All of our calls are routed through are two offices located in southern California.