Order Entry

Not accepting phone orders? You may be losing money. With our order taking answering service, you can accept orders over the phone 24-7 and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Order taking simplicity

When you go with Professional Answering Service for your order taking answering service it will be an affordable and easy way to provide your callers with professional customer service. Our staff is highly trained and will follow your specific instructions.
Everything about our service is personalizable, from how we answer the phones to the information we gather when taking an order, to make sure all of your needs are met. Because we are available 24/7/365, our order taking answering service ensures that you are available whenever your clients need you.

Custom order scripting

Need you’re a custom question like for your customers to confirm a model number or shipping method? Our order taking answering service makes it easy to add in questions like these. With a custom order script that is based on your business specifications, our operators will ensure that every piece of information you need to process an order is accounted for. Otherwise, the order will not be submitted.

An extension of your business

We design our order taking answering service to function as an extension of your business. If a caller needs assistance that we are not able to provide, we can route their call to the appropriate party within your business or pass their message on to someone. Both orders and messages can be delivered to you via a number of different ways, including text message, email, telephone call, or fax.With our Legal Clients, there are a few areas of concern. When it comes to after hours calls, do they want to be notified if a potential new client, or only for existing clients calling? Or if someone is calling in regards to an appointment that they have tomorrow, do they want us to put that through to them or do they want us to wait until the next day.

For calls that come in during hours, there can also be different sets of instructions. Let’s say our client is headed into court to meet a client there in an hour and the client calls in saying he can’t be there, are we to take a message and email it or do you want us to put it through to your cell phone right away? There are different levels of screening and customized scalability for attorneys as well.