24/7 Call Center Support

Backup Power Systems and Off-Site Data Backup?

Making sure that our clients have 24/7 access to our services, even when disasters or outages occur, takes planning and a combination of services and procedures.  First our power is backed up by a dual system.  Our power feed from the power company is run through a switch that is connected to a generator.

This is then fed to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system and then to our office.  The UPS is a rack of charged batteries that are always connected to our system.  If we lose power, the batteries are already connected and start providing power to our office with no noticeable interruption.

These batteries give us about 20-30 minutes of up time.  However, we only need those batteries for about a minute.  As soon as we lose power from the power company, the switch that it is fed through sends a  loss of power signal to our generator which forces it to automatically start up.

This process takes probably half a minute on average.  Once the generator starts up, we can run indefinitely as we have a 500 gallon fuel tank that sits on site.  Second is our telephone service providers.  We contract with three vendors for our T1’s and front office lines.  These vendors have fail safe options in the event of an outage, we have designed our system so that they back each other up.

We also can quickly move our call traffic to another site if we experience a total loss of service.  For our data backup, we use a combination of in house and off sites systems to meet our needs.  We have a system of external hard drives that provide us with mirrored backups and these are also backed up off site.  We also have data units that are carried off site by key personnel to ensure a rapid recovery in case we experience a loss of data.